The WHS faculty and students, in 1940, officially changed the name of the high school yearbook to the WARRIOR, from the previous name, the Monogram. In that same school year (39-40), they also officially changed the name of the school's literary magazine, The Literick, to CHIPS.

Paging through the issues of Chips, from the first in 1940 through the closing of the downtown school in 1992, the lists of contributing authors contain many future authors, teachers and leaders. Some of those students, their writings, and their future endeavors are presented on this page. Click on the author's name for more detailed information on their future. For full text of writings, click on the white title.

1941 Chips...

Duane McKenna (HOD Recipient) Ghosts

"On most any given night That I am left alone... I know my friends the ghosts will come and confiscate my home."


"She stuck him in the washer, I think it was head-first. It looked like she was trying To quench the puppy's thirst."

"I don't understand. To kill a man is murder. Punishable by death."