The Washington High School Historical Committee, in 2011, created a Hall of Distinction consisting of former students of WHS who attended the school for at least one year in grades 9-12. After high school, those chosen to be included in this prestigious group have shown exceptional distinguished achievement in a notable field of endeavor at the state, regional, national or international level.

WHS Hall of Distinction

Alumni selected for the HOD receive an official certificate and a pin. Their names are added to the display in Alumni Hall, west wall.

Actual size of pin

The Washington Crest of Distinction is derived from the crest of the WHS Historical Committee, which is based on the presidental crest of George Washington, with school colors substituted for Washington's white and red, and the lamp of knowledge in place of the knight's helm—the green stands for growth. The stars stand for the three senior high classes, and the bars for the path to knowledge and the path to success, with the Latin words for alumni of distinction. The headband with feathers stands for the Warrior school nickname. Note that one of the books is the Warrior.

Members of the WHS Hall of Distinction as selected by the WHSHC

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Myron G.Domsitz- WHS 1929-Scientist/Inventor

Patricia Huether Hermanson- WHS 1968- Author/Journalist

Matthew C. Moen -WHS 1976- Educator/Author


David A. Fryxell-WHS 1974-Editor/Author Darold (Dick) Fredricks- WHS 1951-Author/Historian Phil Hamman-WHS 1976-Author/Researcher